Sugar baby story

Why sugar baby tends to be more popular

The word ” Nurturing” in China is not even on the table , but in the United States , there are such ” seeking and nurturing ” website like    In English, the person who are older a lot than his partner and to provide material support , called Sugar Daddy, and ladies who direct at substance , called Sugar Baby. Sugardaddybabe  provides a trading platform for the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby .

Unlike traditional dating sites ,Match and OkCupid .On Sugardaddybabe., You do not need to write your own interests , as long as gold owners write  a month fee he would provide, and Sugar Baby only need to write your expected income. After the two  agree on the substance , it can be traded .sugar daddy

Sugardaddybabe. does not charge a fee , at present , only membership fees charged to Sugar Daddy. To become a Sugar Daddy, you need to pay $ 50 a month dues , if you want to become a Diamond member , per year to pay another $ 2,400 . For most of the Sugar Daddy , this is a very small amount. Diamond members have certification marks , and the search will be ranked at the top .

Currently Sugardaddybabe already has over one million registered members , of which nearly 12 million Sugar Daddy .  After the 2008 financial crisis , Sugar Baby on sugardaddybabe surges in the number , but most of them are just entering college. American universities are on bank loans , in 2012 , student loans amounted to $ 870 billion , and in such an economic environment , university graduates can not find job , can not afford to repay their loans.Poly informed sources , More and more sugar babies from key schools ,New York University at most , UCLA ranked eighth , Harvard University students ranked ninth.

sugar baby
70 year-old Jack find two sugar babies on

70 -year-old Jack is a Sugar Daddy. Jack is not his real name , but he was very rich indeed . In New York, $ 22,000 a month to rent the house , have his own private aircraft. He said that if it is in nightclubs or traditional dating sites , no 25 years old young girl willing to date him , but in the Sugardaddybabe, he was very competitive . He will go with Sugar Baby Fifth Avenue shopping , eating, and then gave her $ 500 in tips  per day. He thought he did a great extent also helped college students. Such a website received a lot of attention , including CNN, CBS, ABC Wall Street Journal , Ukiyo-e , nearly a hundred US media reported it .

Such sites are also very controversial , some people think that this violated the moral bottom line . The founders say , 40% of Sugar Daddy is a single state, and is to have between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby feelings, but they all understand that this feeling is due to money and students. Go find your sugar daddy/baby.


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